What happens when you pour 1200F molten aluminum into an anthill? (by seidbords32)

I have to say my immediate response was to feel bad for the ants even though I have killed every one I ever found in my home.

It just seemed especially unfair to wipe out an entire colony all at once. but then I remembered E.O. Wilson’s remark that “If ants had nuclear weapons, they would probably end the world in a week” and thought ok, fuck it, pour some molten aluminum in there and let’s see what’s going on. What’s going on is quite amazing. You can skip forward quite a bit if you’re so inclined: it’s worth it.

holy shit

Ant architecture is amazing. Ventilation shafts, flood control, groundwater access, nursery and farming annexes. Not bad for something with only 250,000 neurons in its brain.

Fraggles and Doozers still have ‘em beat, though.

After you finish being amazed by their subterranean skill, check out this video about leafcutter ants, the invention of farming and coevolution

Maybe I should do a video about ants.